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doraQuest® L.A.

Oral gel

Doramectin 1.75% (p/p)


Endectocide in flavored gel administered by oral route, it provides a broad spectrum and long action, effective on the control of internal parasites as roundworms (nematodes) and fly larvaes; and external parasites as fleas and myasis problems; diminishing the health problems that could be caused. the special formulation of doraquest l.a. confers it a nice apple flavor, which makes it a very palatable gel, getting an easier dosage.

Dosage y administration: 
Oral route. the used dose is 200 mcg/kg of doramectin. the 6.84 g syringe has 6 marks. each mark dosed product for 100 kg of b.w. the 17.1 g syringe has 15 marks. each mark dosed product for 100 kg of b.w. 

doraQuest® L.A. syringe x 6.84 g | 310201060ST91
List price: US$ 17.25
doraQuest® L.A.
+ Oral endectocide
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comentario Customer comments
26/06/2011 Esteban Montero
It is the best product I ever tried for my horses, 5 stars!!
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doraQuest® L.A.
doraQuest® L.A.
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