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Injectable Solution

Xilazine chlorhydrate (equivalent to base) 20 mg, ketamine chlorhydrate (equivalent to base) 100 mg, atropine sulphate (equivalent to base) 1 mg, excipients q.s. ad 1 mL.

The association ketamine-xilazine generates neurolepto­analgesia that permits to effect a safe surgycal handling (abdominal cavity, muscles, castration, deep cleaning of mucous tissues, teeth and surgycal cleaning of abscesses). It provides non dissociative anesthesia. atropine is included (as premedication in surgery) to avoid increase of excesive secretions, reduce bronchial mucus, avoid laryngeal spasm during endotracheal intubation and to prevent the bradycardic effects of ketamine.

Dosage y administration:
Only by intramuscular route, at a rate of 5 mg-10 mg ketamine/kg of body weignt, 1 mg-2 mg xilacine/kg of body weight and 0.05 mg-0.1 mg atropine/kg body weight; which in practice is equivalent to 0.5 mL-1 mL/10 Kg. body weight.

Ket-A-Xyl® glass vial x 10 mL | 02490
List price: US$ 14.63

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Ket-A-Xyl® glass vial x 20 mL | 02491
List price: US$ 28.13

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Ket-A-Xyl® glass vial x 30 mL | 310602096ST11
List price: US$ 41.25
+ Neuroleptoanalgesic association
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comentario Customer comments
05/02/2018 Jose quevedo
Hola me gustaria la compra de la ketaxyl 30 ml Q precio hay en una compra de unos 60 frascos y como los recivo en quito ecuador
03/03/2017 jose martinez
quiero adquirir ket-a-xyl me interesa para cirugias menores desde villanueva casanare (colombia
08/11/2016 Doris Palma
Deseo adquirir la ketaxyl estoy en Guayaquil como podríamos hacer
22/08/2013 griselda jauregui
Deseo adquirir ketaxyl que descuento me hacen a partir de 5 unidades de 30 ml, y me lo puden enviar a desagudero? y cual es costo de envio?
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