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Vetonic® con Nucleótidos OS

Oral Solution

Vit. A (as retinol palmitate) 2 500 000 IU, Vit. D3 (as cholecalciferol) 500 000 IU, Vit. E (as alpha tocopheryl acetate) 3750 mg, Vit. K3 (as menadione sodium bisulfite) 250 mg, Vit. B1 (as thiamine hydrochloride) 3500 mg, Vit. B2 (riboflavin 5 phosphate sodium) 4000 mg, Vit. B3 (as nicotinamide) 10 000 mg, Vit. B5 (as calcium pantothenate) 15 000 mg, Vit. B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2000 mg, Vit. B7 (Biotin) 2 mg, Vit. B9 (as folic acid) 250 mg, Vit. B12 (cyanocobalamin) 10 mg, Vit. B15 (sodium pangamate) 1 mg, Vit. BH (as Inositol) 3.0 mg, DL-Methionine 5000 mg, L-Lysine hydrochloride 2500 mg, L-threonine 500 mg, L-tryptophan 75 mg, L-Histidine hydrochloride 900 mg, L-Arginine hydrochloride 490 mg, L- aspartic acid 1450 mg, L-Serine 680 mg, Glutamic acid 1160 mg, L-Proline 510 mg, Glycine 575 mg, L-Alanine 975 mg, L-Cysteine ​​hydrochloride 150 mg, L-Valine 1100 mg, L-Leucine 1150 mg, L-Isoleucine 125 mg, L-Tyrosine 340 mg, L-Phenylalanine 810 mg, Nucleotides 5000 mg, Essential Fatty Acids 500 mg, Sodium Selenite 125 mg, Potassium Iodide 500 mg, Cobalt Gluconate 500 mg, Copper-edetate 200 mg, Manganese-edetate 1000 mg, Zinc edetate 3000 mg, Iron-edetate 210 mg, sodium chloride 10 000 mg, Potassium Chloride 8250 mg, Magnesium Sulfate 455 mg, Citric acid 3000 mg, excipients q.s. ad 1000 mL.

Nutritional supplement recommended as growth promoter and as coadjuvant in all infectious diseases, poisoning, convalescence, sudden temperature changes, pre and post vaccination, dehydration and anti stress factor.

Dosage and administration:
From 1 to 2 L/1000 L of water. In direct form (or diluted) in cattle and horses: 20 to 30 mL; calves and colts: 5 to 10 mL; boars and lactating sows: 10 to 20 mL; piglets: 1.5 to 3 mL; sheep, goats and camelids: 3 to 6 mL (half of this in young animals); dogs and cats: 1 to 5 mL (half of this in young animals); rabbits and guinea pigs: 1 to 2 mL per liter of water. Administer orally.
Vetonic con Nucleotidos OS Bottle x 100 mL | 310301228ST15
List price: US$ 5.51
Vetonic con Nucleotidos OS Bottle x 250 mL | 310301228ST19
List price: US$ 11.81
Vetonic con Nucleotidos OS Bottle x 500 mL | 310301228ST21
List price: US$ 21.66
Vetonic con Nucleotidos OS Bottle x Lt | 310301228ST23
List price: US$ 39.38
Vetonic con Nucleotidos OS Vial x 30 mL | 310301228ST11
List price: US$ 3.38
Vetonic® con Nucleótidos OS
+ Integral biostimulant, growth promoter. Unique with nucleotides
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Vetonic® con Nucleótidos OS
Vetonic® con Nucleótidos OS
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